Perhaps like other car dealerships, you are running ads on Facebook. However, you might be missing out on one tool that would be of great use to social media marketing – the Facebook Messenger. Many companies have failed to recognize the huge opportunity this tool offers.

Over 2 billion people use Facebook, and half of this number uses the Messenger app. With billions of people using it, the Messenger is a goldmine for online marketing. However, you need to know how to use it correctly.

Facebook Messenger is a popular way to keep in touch with people. However, many businesses have discovered its vast potential and have started to use it for Facebook marketing. Why not do the same for your car dealership? Why not use Facebook Messenger and make it work for you to reach a wider audience?

Here are the six strategies that you can use to optimize your Facebook Messenger marketing campaign:

1. Use the App to Deliver Your Message to Your Target Audience

How do you deliver content? Most businesses deliver their message through email marketing. However, you can use Facebook Messenger as an alternative. Some may say it’s a better alternative even. You can set up an opt-in form to get your subscribers to receive content via Facebook Messenger. Many businesses have discovered that the open and click rates are through the roof with Messenger marketing. There are free services that allow its user to create a chatbot. You do not need to worry about the codes. Your subscribers will receive an email asking them to opt-in if they choose to receive messages via Messenger.

2. Direct People to the Content They Want

Do you have many kinds of articles? Facebook Messenger could help your followers find what they want. This isn’t exactly new. Many companies have used Facebook Messenger to find content for their followers. This is a great way to deliver content because it is nonintrusive, and it provides personalized content to your target market.

If you choose to do this, make sure to keep some things in mind. First, your chat box is an extension of your marketing campaign. You can use your content to direct people to your website. However, selling shouldn’t be the primary concern. Secondly, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly. People chat using their phones, so make sure that they can access your website easily.

3. Boost Engagement Especially During Events

Do you have an event coming up like a webinar, perhaps? You might want to use Facebook Messenger to remind people to sign up or join the event. Using Facebook Messenger, you can send out reminders, additional information, links to videos, schedules, or itineraries.

You can also use the app to ask for feedback from your audience after the event. It’s a great way to gauge whether the event was a success or not. You will then know what to do differently the next time you throw another event. You can also post real-time updates and engage with users during actual events. It is a great way to update people who can’t get on the computer to join your webinar.

More and more people are using Messenger, and Facebook is continually adding to their features. Make sure to take advantage of this tool to reach more potential customers for your car dealership. Click here Car Dealership Advertising